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Who we are

We are a dogecoin Faucet... And what is a Faucet?
A crypto Faucet is an app or a website that delivers small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing easy tasks.
In our Faucet, the task is to go through a link shortener, and done, you earn Dogecoin easily!

This our Faucet we work with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency... And what is Dogecoin?
Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer and open source digital currency, a favorite of Shiba Inus around the world.

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Currently we only have 3 Faucets; one of Dogecoins (DOGE), one of Bitcoins (BTC) and one of Litecoins (LTC).
We are working to have more Faucets with more cryptocurrencies (ETH, BCH, DASH, TRX).
Below you can find the links to our Faucets:


What we do offer

The Best

We deliver more Dogecoin than the rest of Faucets. Earn a lot of Dogecoins every minute

Unlimited claims

In our Faucet you can win as many times as you want. we have unlimited claims

Instant payments

Payments are made immediately through the FaucetPay wallet

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
DU7ZamQE3CmDdRw8ph2sdgTeaLpJrLj4kz201457 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:12:14
DMJK4yMfKvNwFk8eekjqkugovHusYAvEHn201457 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:08:59
D7JW64zwH835dGoZfRjUqKydbEK19ewNRx201457 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:08:43
DNTTiGkXf9JQy4kEk9ZjcCFUdEZQNM4ppe201457 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:08:43
DPeCdnpdxbTHteGkmDNUatpgVFNWeZmArt201374 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:06:16
DHpeeBX1tmvF5HvUXjRcgFcGo69a5UsMTK201374 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:06:12
DU7ZamQE3CmDdRw8ph2sdgTeaLpJrLj4kz201374 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:05:52
DH4eiDeoiUWEaiSShCqm84UK6zakheM31a201374 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:05:50
DNTTiGkXf9JQy4kEk9ZjcCFUdEZQNM4ppe201374 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:03:37
DU7ZamQE3CmDdRw8ph2sdgTeaLpJrLj4kz200896 Dogetoshis2021-09-25 03:03:36

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